Weight loss



The Dubai lifestyle promotes weight gain and discourages activity. It is easier to pile on fat than to shed it, but it’s never too late to declare war on unhealthy habits. Whether your goal is to lose 5 pounds or 50, with personal training, you CAN. 

Before you write this off as a marketing ploy, let me brief you on some of my techniques. Instead of popping you on the treadmill and making you jog for 45 minutes, I determine exactly what we need to do to target fat deposits. Contrary to common belief, intense cardiovascular exercise does not burn fat. Instead, it burns the healthy cereal breakfast you had this morning, and maybe the coffee you had afterwards. By looking at your health and exercise history, I can design a program that will melt the fat as quickly and as efficiently as possible, even if it sits as one massive lump in your belly.

Youth Training



With over 50% of children being overweight or obese in today's world, it's important to get your kids set off on the right path. As a Youth Training Specialist and Dubai Personal Trainer, I can help any child ages 8-18 years old.

As we grow up our bodies are constantly changing and the stresses that are put on us is unbelievable. Exercising is a great way to help ease a childs or adolesents body into being fully grown, but it must be done correctly so that no injuries occur that could set us up for failure in the future. For more information, please feel free to ask.

Elderly Training


Most people don't realize that once someone reachs the age of 62 years old, that any Dubai personal trainer that they work with needs to have a certification in elderly training for them to be legally qualified to work with the elderly. I have completed this certification and have had great success with clients as old as 93 years old! Our bodies start to change after the age of 30 and our bones, joints, ligaments and chemical make-up is drastically different by the time we retire.

To give you an idea as to what some of the physiological changes are as we get older, I have listed some below with a brief explanation of how they effect your training routine as you age.

Decreased Bone Density - As we age the density of our bones starts to decrease which means that our bodies can't handle the same type of exercise program that they used to.

Joint and Ligament Degradation - The fact of the matter is that our ligaments become more elastic as we age which causes more stress on the joints. By doing balance oriented training with proper technique, this process can be slowed drastically which in the long run will help prevent injury.

Decreased Lung Function - There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the decreased lung function that we exerience as we get older; however, most of these factors can be controlled by proper exercise. The postural muscles of the the torso weaken causing the diaphragm's movement to be restricting decreasing the lung capacity. With the proper type and technique of corrective exercises you will be breathing better before you know it.

Core Strengthening Exercises


The center piece that hold our bodies together is the core and if it's weak the possibility of injuries is increased dramatically! Now since there are many different muscles that affect the core, there are many different exercises that can be done and should be done to target each muscle individually. As a ISSA  Dubai  Personal Trainer, I can help you firm up your midsection and build the strongest core of your life!

We use our core all day every day and it's the main muscle area that's responsible for our posture. When most people think of the core, they think of tight abs, although this is a huge part of core strengthening we cannot neglect the lower back while strengthening the core. Without the proper balance between the lower back and the abdominals, there is a high probably that posture will take a big hit and injuries will occur. Together you and I can correct any imbalance that you possess and straight your posture right up.

Muscle Gain


To some people, gaining muscle can be very difficult, and others have an extremely easy time putting on the extra size. No matter which category your fall into, I can help you reach your goals to build the body that you've always wanted.

In order to get you started on the right path towards building muscle I will give you a few of the main points that you need to know when trying to pack on the pounds. Below are some pointers.

First - Be sure to train each muscle group every 2-3 days. This allows the muscles the proper time to recover without allowing any atrophy to take place in the recently built muscle. Most people have a hard time building muscle because they either over train a given muscle or they wait too long between training the muscle. To ensure proper rest follow this rule and you'll be started off on the right path.

Second - Eat something healthy every 3-4 hours. This allows your metabolism to work to the best of it's ability which will ensure proper muscle growth.

Third - Be sure to eat roughly 500 calories above your BMR in order to provide your muscles with the nutrients that they need in order to grow. 500 extra calories per day will help you put on muscle without gaining too much extra body fat. These extra calories should come from foods rich in protein as well as complex carbs and healthy fats.

Whether you're looking to tone up and put on a little muscle or bulk up and be a body builder, I can help you reach those goals in a safe and effective way through diet, exercise, and healthy supplementation.

Postural Corrections


Have you ever wondered why you may be experiencing pain somewhere, yet you couldn't figure out why? This pain is most likely caused be a postural deviation somewhere in your body. Everybody has some type of imbalance in their body and by uncovering them through a series of assessments, I will design a program tailored to correct these issues while at the same time incorporating your goals.

AS a Corrective Exercise Specialist I am confident that we will uncover any deviation and be able to correct it so that you are feeling better than ever.

Everything in the body starts from the ground up when dealing with the muscles so all corrections begin with the feet. If your feet are misaligned, most likely do to an imbalance between your calves and your anterior tibialis, then the rest of your body will be off as well. As you move up the body and enter the pelvis region it's important to understand that almost everyone has some degree of leg length difference. This difference can tilt your pelvis into a suboptimal position which can cause the muscles of your midsection to fight against each other in order to try to correct the tilt. This fighting between the muscles can be a major cause of lumbar pain and if approached correctly can be fixed to a point where you won't be feeling any more pain.

Integrated Flexibility


Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of any training program and as a  ISSA Personal Trainer, I will design a program that incorporates flexibility into the exercise selection so that we can optimize your muscle flexibility.

Each program is designed and tailored to meet your specific needs and includes a full flexibility work up that will detail a specific stretching routine for you to do daily. On top of this tailored stretching routine, each workout ends with assisted partner stretching so that all areas of flexibility are covered.

Sport Goals


Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, I can develop a SPORT SPECIFIC PROGRAM that will set you apart from the rest. Having trained Professional Football and Baseball players as well as Professional Mixed Martial Artists, I am fully qualified to help you take your game to the next level.

Football - A game of power, speed, agility and explosion that requires your body to be able to withstand constant punishment from your opponent or directed towards your opponent. It is extremely important that you are training in a way that is Biomechanically correct for your sport in order to help fight off injury and stand above the competition. No matter what your position is I will develop a program geared towards the movements and the needs of your sports position. No player or position is the same which means that no program should be the same either.



Mixed Martial Arts - A sport that dates back thousands of years to the acient Greek civilization. Pankration has withstood the test of time and is making it's way back into the forefront of today's society. Having worked with fighters from the UFC and Strikeforce, I know what it takes to prepare your body for it's up coming fights, as well as the proper way to make weight without sacrificing the muscle that was built in the preparation process. 



Basketball - When I think of basketball, speed, agility, and explosiveness come to mind. Each position although unique requires all of these characteristics in order to be successful. On top of all these skills it is also extremely important to improve the stabilization muscles of the lower body in order to fend off injury from the constant impact brought on by high repititions of jumping. 

Soccer - Endurance, speed, and agility are some of the most important characteristics that one must possess if they want to succeed in soccer. After the recent world cup, soccer is larger than ever and now is the time to start a program that will help you reach much higher levels of play. 


Health Conditions

If you are diabetic, hypertensive, stressed, asthmatic, suffering from degenerative joint disease, or recovering from injury, it is recommended that you train under supervision. After acquiring consent from your doctor (depending on your condition), I put together a program that increases your fitness and strength, while bearing in mind your limitations and/or capacities. Your program is designed to improve your overall health, giving you a chance to heal or gain control of your condition.

Note: I am a AHA Certified First-Aider, as most qualified trainers should be. I am qualified to help you to the best of my knowledge and ability in the event of injury.