Body Composition

Body Composition Analysis:

Dubai qualified fitness trainer and weight management consultant can provide you with a complete Body Composition Analysis in just 30 minutes.

We will provide comprehensive Body Composition Analysis using the latest bioelectrical impedance testing equipment.

What can Body Composition Analysis tell you:

- How healthy are you?

- Are you within a lean, healthy range for your age and gender?

- Do you need to alter your lifestyle to increase your lean tissue percentage?

- Are you consuming too much or too little food and drinks?

- What targets do you need to work towards for a healthier body?

Body Composition Analysis is:

- Non-Invasive

- No need to remove clothing

- No need for skin-fold calipers

Test results provide:

- lean tissue mass - lean tissue percentage

- body fat kg - body fat %

- number of calories required each day to maintain your weight or lose body fat

- Individual targets for you to work towards.

- Body circumference measurements.

Body Composition Analysis - Pre-Testing Requirements:

- No exercise for 12 hours before test

- No food for at least 3 hours before test

- Maintain hydration: consume approximately 150mls of water per hour from waking but do not consume large volume of water to make up deficit prior to testing

- Females should be in middle of menstrual cycle

- Wear comfortable clothing

Testing takes approximately 30 minutes with results presented in easily understood format at conclusion of the session