I am an ISSA-certified Personal Trainer and Certified Kickboxing/MMA Coach.  I am here to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. While your goals may simply be to lose a few pounds, the benefits of exercise, paired with proper nutrition, will keep you fit, healthy, and strong for years. Yes, with personal training you can finally drop the excess weight, but you will also feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and confident about your life. A personal trainer motivates, coaches, and customizes training to your individual needs and abilities. 

My education as a personal trainer prepared me to help clients across a broad spectrum of health and fitness levels. I can also provide a basic nutrition analysis, and diet advice to help you shed the weight quicker - if that is your goal.

 How can a personal trainer help me to reach my goals?

  • Personal training will improve your fitness to a much higher level and I will keep you motivated
  • It will help you to lose weight and burn fat from different parts of your body
  • It will lift up the loose muscles in different parts of your body
  • It will make your muscles more toned and tighter
  • Together we can focus on whatever muscle group/body area you want to work more on
  • I will teach you to improve your workout technique so that you are getting the maximum out of each movement
  • It will help you to remove all the cellulite around your legs and your body in few weeks time
  • Regular exercise has enormous health benefits and is important towards treating many common illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and asthma to name a few.
  • I will help you to reach your goal and help you to look and feel amazing and feel more comfortable within yourself.

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